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Torch Club

2023-2024 Torch Club Kickoff Meeting is Friday, Sept 15 from 4-5pm at the Mark Twain Library.
(JRMS Students can take bus 23 directly from JRMS.)

Who: Grades 6-8
Meeting Dates and Times: TBD

Cost: Discounted Early Bird Torch Club fee of $1 until 9/15 ($25 after 9/15) plus $50 BGCRE Annual Membership Fee

 For assistance, contact:


What is Torch Club?

Torch Clubs are chartered, small-group character and leadership clubs for boys and girls ages 11 to 13.

Torch Club is a “club within the Club,” helping to meet the special character-development needs of younger adolescents at a critical stage in their life.

A Torch Club is a powerful vehicle through which young people develop and strengthen their 21st-century leadership skills, giving them a firm foundation of good character and integrity. Torch Club members elect officers and work together to implement projects in the four focus areas: service to Club and community; education; health and fitness; and social recreation.